Personalized Workout Plan
  • Individualized

  • Optimize Movement

  • Master muscle and mind connection

  • Have fun


The online coaching begins with an assessment consisting of a questionnaire.Individualized and custom build for you. Your program is specifically tailored to your wants, as well as your needs. – everything from your current physical status, training history, everyday commitments, preferences and workout goals plays into the design of the program.The content of the program (sets, reps, intensity and exercise selection) will also be modified based on your progression.

Rokas Bk
Founder of RokasMove and OctoMoves

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Relate to gait

I am a bit obsessed with everything rotational. When it comes to human movement, I believe that rotational movements are faster and more powerful, and with the addition of rotational intent, I can take classic exercises, make them more effective and efficient, and also fun. 

You will work on your goals with respect to human biomechanics.

Way to mastery

Some of the movements are can be basic but don't underestimate them. With each repetition, you must learn more. That’s the way to mastery.

What you are focusing on a given day is its speed? Volume? Intensity? I’ve suggested movement progressions, but there are always more things to take into consideration. 

Have fun. Play. It’s your self-care time, so don’t punish yourself. I don’t want you to have an aching body or thoughts that you need to go and conquer yourself with a workout. I want you to be eager to go to practice movements. Learn new things. Enjoy it.

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