Basics Bodyweight Workout Plan
  • Regain control of your body

  • Increase strength, mobility, power

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Optimize Movement

  • Master muscle and mind connection

  • Have fun


Every skill or exercise can be broken down into these most basic attributes: 

Strength – this includes power and endurance 

Mobility – this includes flexibility and joint health 

Control – this includes balance and coordination 

This means that, no matter how much you struggle with a particular exercise, you can break it down into these attributes and focus on the areas you struggle with the most.

Rokas Bk
Founder of RokasMove and OctoMoves

RokasMove Basics strength push up rock balance

endless options

With good basics, you will have endless options.Basics are your practice foundation.And without a strong foundation, you can't build anything.

With this template, we want to build a strong foundation for back bridge, strong and mobile shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles, start gaining organic strength.

Way to mastery

Some of the movements are pretty basic but don't underestimate them. With each repetition, you must learn more. That’s the way to mastery.

What you are focusing on a given day is it speed? Volume? Intensity? I’ve suggested movement progressions, but there are always more things to take into consideration. 

Have fun. Play. It’s your self-care time, so don’t punish yourself. I don’t want you to have an aching body or thoughts that you need to go and conquer yourself with a workout. I want you to be eager to go to practice movements. Learn new things. Enjoy it.

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basics bodyweight workout plan
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